Experience The View Constanta

We own the sea spirit!

The View opened its door to the public in 2017 with a new concept wanting to bring a new mood and style to the old city of Constanta.

I’s location is unique, being the only restaurant situated right on the promenade with a spectacular view of the Black Sea and the famous Casino, one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe.

Our building is placed on 3 levels. with ground floor is a café bistro and terrace with a friendly and cozy approach where you can serve breakfast and popular meals throughout the whole day.

On the first floor, we have the Events Restaurant, which we are proud to say has a one-of-a-kind vibe due to its romantic, special setting. Moreover, the menu options have been carefully designed and our team is prepared to offer you whatever fee is necessary for a perfect event.

The rooftop terrace is located on the second floor of the building and is the perfect place to relax and socialize surrounded by the sea spirit.

The menu is varied and creative with dishes to satisfy classic and even the most sophisticated tastes.

Constanta’s promenade has a new and exclusive place to mix and mingle.

Discover refined cuisine in a chic décor and friendly atmosphere which will make
your journey with us one that you will definitely want to repeat.

Exquisite cuisine


Embark on a sensory exploration where taste reigns supreme.
With an all-encompassing menu of seemingly endless options, no palette will be left disappointed.
Whether choosing something light and savory or something a bit heartier our menu can cater to your every craving.

Celebrate with us


The View can host either Private & Corporate Events

We invite you to celebrate your special moment with us in an exquisite decor and gastronomic experience designed to surprise and delight with dishes specially designed for you and your one of a kind event, whether it is private or corporate.

A picture describes a lot more
than words can tell.

Our exclusive selection

The View Wine

Welcome to THE VIEW! We would like to use this page to introduce you to our wine list.
After you take a look you may notice our close-to-retail prices are comparable to your best local wine shop.
While the general restaurant practice is to mark up wine by 200-300%, we choose to keep ours at a 70-90% markup.
Why do we price our wines this way? Because we are wine lovers, and great food deserves great wine at a reasonable price.
We hope this will excite and tempt you to try something new, unique and off the beaten path.